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Amorina Art

SHE is the Lionsgate

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When I started working on this painting I thought I was creating the sun Solaris… but during the creation process came the words the Sun behind the Sun… Sirius… and I had a lot of Lion beings around me in my inner sight! So there she entered the canvas and they told me SHE is the Lionsgate … so that is what I named the painting.

In her hearts spiral flow an infinity rose is rising bridging body and soul and bringing your higher self down on earth … this is a code that is able to activate and birth your inner dragons… I know this because some years ago it came alive and activated mine. The key to this code is love frequency!
SHE is an activator and she is still working with me, so she won’t be released for sale right now. But I have canvas prints for sale for now.

Acrylic on canvas, painted with hands and brush and energetically encoded with power, passion and pure life force.