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Amorina Art

Goddess of Creation

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Goddess of Creation Womb alchemy “She dived to the bottom of the deep ocean of emotions first through the gentle turquoise water of love and joy then she entered the stormy, muddy and dark waters here she met the pain, fear and sorrow But she gathered all her courage and went deeper to the silent dark mysterious universe at the deepest bottom And one day she discovered the peals hidden in the deepest dark emanating the deepest peace wrapped her mind in the softest silk of inner silence Ohhh the whole universe is in my womb Her soul soaked in blissful love Finally she heard the whispers of ancient songs unlocking the mysteries of her sacred body My heart is connected to all hearts in the pulsating web of light I am you – you am I WE ARE GODDESS Together we CREATE The NEW” - Marina Mana Original. Acrylic on canvas, 60x80cm, Kr. 2900,- € 390, £352, $ 460. Painted with hands and brush and energetically encoded with frequencies of blissful love and joy of creation.