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Amorina Art

Forest spirits

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When the frequencies are rising, the elvens and spirit beings becomes visible once again. Suddenly the appear out of the mist if you enter to the forest with an open heart and a loving spirit. The old guardians of the sacred woodlands were lovingly tendering all livings beings, the animals, plants, rocks, waters and trees. Creating lushness, stunningly beauty and art in ways we cant even comprehend today.

In the time before time they lived peacefully among the humans and if you tap in to the memory of the earth …try to focus on the bones in your body and the stones in Mother Earths body and still your mind. The ancient songs of the old worlds and our ancestors history and memory are stored inside you, just waiting for you to unlock all the wisdom.

The Forest Spirits will help you reconnect with your true nature and wisdom.

100X150 cm. Acrylics and paper fibres on canvas, painted with bare hands and brush and energetically encoded with peace, tranquility and belonging.