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Amorina Art

Deva of the Deep Forest

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An Earth Protecting Goddess – Spiritual Nature Art Ayana is an Earth Goddess of the deep forest. She is the mother, nurturer and protector of all life in the forest. She is gentle and wise, but fierce, fair and powerful when protecting her kin and Gaia. She is deeply connected to the wisdom of the Sacred Crystaline Snake and the potent magic of the deep forest. It is said that all new wisdom snakes are born out of her hair only to dive deep in to the Earth and connect with Gaias Crystal Grids and fertilize them with new frequency and knowledge. Ayana will give you deep-rooted peace and activate a balanced power to protect your own inner borders. Acrylics and collage on canvas, painted with hands and brush and energetically encoded with wisdom, grounding and blissful peace. 30×30 cm