Yin holding Yang ❤️

Yin holding Yang ❤️

In the ancient alchemy this concept is the key to peace. We tend to think of the female energy as the earth and the masculine as the cosmic life force. But the female energy is the deep dark, the cosmos, the net of light that weave and hold all physical in this universe. We have to implement this principle internally by stabilizing and balancing yin and Yang.


The feminine nuturing of the masculine 

The imbalance in our world call us to reconnect the ancient deep dark feminine… she has been demonised and repressed for eons. Infuse her with love and remember her true purpose until she is strong enough to raise herself in her core creative power. Then she once again can hold all of the masculine energies in caring love, embracing both shadows and light. This will enable the masculine energy to gain his true materialising creator power once again. By loving and surrendering totally to the feminine life force he will channel life nurturing materialisations to the highest good for our world. He will finally return to the sacred masculine, the protector.

This internally sacred marriage creates the true alchemical magic, that then will be projected to the outside world creating ripples of peace, love and harmony💗 May we all go there!

Art & words Marina Mana Petersen

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