THE FOURFOLD - an inner journey with an energy being

THE FOURFOLD - an inner journey with an energy being


In deep meditation, the creature showed itself to me, it emerged from a luminous turquoise blue sea, where an ancient turtle like head appeared out of the water, looking straight at me! “Who are you?” I asked … and in the same now, it transformed into a mermaid-like creature that moved through the water and at the same time was the water. It then dashed up the water and suddenly it got wings and changed to a white transparent colour and moving like fast whirling winds. It flew in a big arch in the sky and on the way down to the ground its hair started to flame and part of its body turned into pulsating fire. Then it landed on the ground with one leg … and the leg turned into a tree and the foot and roots went deep and it turned into soil. It was now containing all four elements in its body at the same time.


The creature said to me: “I am the Fourfold, the new energy”, and at the same time  the words were told, a semi-transparent shimmering symbol appeared on its body. It was a double infinity symbol, extending from the heart chakra to the root chakra and across the solar plexus. Over its head came an upward pyramid and slid down with the base towards the solar plexus and the tip towards the heart and from the ground came the downward pyramid with the base towards the solar plexus and the tip towards the root chakra and surrounded the infinity rose with a diamond shape. While I was looking at it, I realized that the symbol was “The Rose Diamond”, which is an energy form I was initiated in last year, I have never considered that energy has a geometric shape.

“The Fourfold showed me a lot of puzzle pieces and told me, that this was how humans used to be a part of the whole like single pieces of a big puzzle, but when “The Rose Diamond” and all four elements will be balanced in each individual, we will instead become “a small whole” in the “big whole” …this was shown to me like a hologram. This is the new human template”


The Fourfold then told me that the meaning of the “The Rose Diamond”:

Vertical “infinity loop” – Symbolizes love that flows unconditionally and freely between people and between heaven and earth.

Horizontal “infinity loop” – Symbolizes a person being totally present in a natural flow of life, with the earth and the body’s rhythms and cycles, and participating in life with what flows naturally to you.

Upward pyramid – Symbolizes the masculine energy enters the Heart chakra and heals the masculine core wound in the heart and connects him with deeper love.

Downward pyramid – Symbolizes the feminine enters the Hara chakra/ energetic womb and heals feminine core wound and connects her to her primal force.

When the two pyramids meet in the diamond form, they combine masculine and feminine energies into one, in the “Alchemical wedding”

I experienced a crazy intense electrically pulsating energy in my body for the next 4 days, culminating in an activation of “The Rose Diamond” and an opening of the Dragon Heart … I tell you more about this another time, because right now I honestly have no clue what to do with it! So, I’m traveling with the energy and trying to understand.

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