The Divine Masculine is entering Earth again!

The Divine Masculine is entering Earth again!

A reconnection to the heart of the Earth and the heart of the galaxies activates the Divine golden light.The light is pouring into the wounded heart of the collective masculine and bringing back balance to the world. Please note that the divine masculine is a part of and should be integrated in every human being, it is not gender based!

I was guided to give and illustrate this meditation

Imagine that you are a giant world tree connecting heaven and earth. Feel how your feet’s are grounded deep into the earth transforming into roots diving into the core lava heart of the earth.

Feel the pulsating untamed power of Gaia nurturing the tree trunk and feel how the energy is rising up through your core and into your arms and head. Notice how your arms and head is dividing out as branches stretching all the way up to the stars!

Now imagine the stars ⭐️ 🌟 in the exact constellation of the moment of your birth and see how all your branches is connecting to your own specific star constellation.

See how the stars is flaring with golden light and igniting the branches and flooding down through the trunk filling up alle the cracks, scars and holes with divine wholesome light. The light is bringing your "higher self" divine template down to the earth and through your roots seeding the new world in Gaia’s heart!
Feel how the heart of the masculine is flooded with this divine golden light bringing peace, deep love and belonging right back in to your heart 💜

Art by Marina Mana Petersen

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